Deanfield is defended by local doctor

A LOCAL doctor has launched a robust defence over the quality of care received at Deanfield Residential Home.

The facility was subject to an inspection by officers from Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland during a two-day visit in May.

SCSWIS inspector Sandra Thompson rated the quality of staffing at the 35-bed home as good but expressed concerns over the care and support at the residential centre.

And she highlighted particular instances when drug errors had happened.

In a recent article, she said: “We saw at this inspection that the manager had put in a number of systems to try to eliminate drug errors within the service.

“However, at this inspection, we found a number of occasions where drugs had not been signed off by staff.

“We examined incident records and found three recent occasions (since January) where serious drug errors had occurred and advice from the residents’ GP needed to be sought.”

However, GP Lesley Morrison, speaking on behalf of the Hawick Medical Society, commended the levels of care which are given at Deanfield.

In a letter to the Hawick News this week, she said: “In our experience, the quality of care at Deanfield is exceptionally high and it was very unfortunate that the article focused on the few negative comments in the report of the recent inspection.

“It mentioned three ‘drug errors’. These minor errors had been immediately brought to the attention of the doctors by the staff, none of them had caused any harm to the residents and the fact that they had been reported is testimony to the high level of honesty and professionalism of the staff.

“The staff work extremely hard looking after their residents and it is a pleasure to work with them.”

As previously reported, the items identified in the inspection report have been addressed and an action plan developed to tackle other matters.