David’s war zone memoirs updated and republished

David Arkless has republished his book on the Dhofar conflict
David Arkless has republished his book on the Dhofar conflict

A veteran soldier who lives in Hawick has just published the second edition of a book which he wrote more than 25 years ago.

David Arkless recounts the time he spent in the Dhofar mountains between Oman and Yemen supporting a small team of special forces and the Sultan’s armed forces.

The book, titled The Secret War, Dhofar 1971-1972, was originally published in 1988 and this new edition has been updated to include more photographs and detailed accounts of various missions as well as the names of those who took part. After the British withdrawl from Aden, the war in Dhofar in 1971 was a major step against the spread of communist domination in the Gulf.

Small teams from 22 Special Air Service Regiment were sent to aid the Sultan’s armed forces in the fight against a communist enemy in the Dhofar region of Oman. These teams also contained support specialists from various branches of the British Army.

In his very readable recollections, David recounts his sorties flying into extreme danger and of his encounters with the enemy.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, David, who served with the Royal Corps of Transport for 13 years, said: “When I first wrote the book a lot of the information was restricted but time has moved on and I hope those who read it enjoy it.”

David’s book is available to download from Amazon.