David focuses on 50-year hobby

Former Film and Video Club president and stalwart member David Peacock presented a talk and demonstration of cine and video technology spanning 50 years from 1964, when he began this hobby, until the present day.

He introduced his talk with a brief description of life in the bustling town at that time, when the knitwear mills were all working full-time and it was still possible to step on to a train and travel to London if desired.

David then turned to his collection of cameras, ranging from a Kodak Brownie cine camera, his first one, to the evolving technology of models from Eumig, Purma Plus, Practica and on to modern makes such as Sony, Panasonic and Samsung to mention only a few. He also explained the differences between types of film, e.g. Standard 8mm and Super 8 film, as well as recalling the delicate work involved in editing celluloid film.

He then talked about the advances and changes made in video technology over the years, which still continues rapidly to evolve with today’s smart phones and tablet devices, which can take photographs and record high quality movie footage as well as a multitude of other amazing features.

Part two of the show involved a short film of Hawick and its folk, made during 2002, providing a snap-shot of life and the state of industry within the town at the time.

The evening concluded with Alec Peterson thanking David for researching and producing a most interesting talk on the history of cine photography.

The meeting on February 25 will be our annual quiz night.