Curator’s ‘Touch of Class’ at Archaeological Society

ON TUESDAY evening, at 7.30pm, the Archaeological holds its last lecture of the present season by presenting an illustrated lecture by Shona Sinclair, curator at the museum.

Her subject is ‘A Touch of Class’ – an account of Innes, Henderson, hosiery manufacturers, Victoria Road, later known as Braemar Knitwear.

Shona, who is a graduate of Heriot Watt University, School of Textiles, will reveal several interesting facets regarding the company, such as their role in the 1972/73 trade dispute; their purchase of Kumfy Knitwear and Dean Mills, and will speculate on their use of the word ‘Twin-set’ and the fascinating evolution from Knit Wear, Knitted Outerwear to Knitwear.

The lecture, in the town hall, will also chronicle the enterprise and vision of its founders, Alex P. Innes and James Henderson, the success of its underwear and knitwear brands, and chart the sad decline of one of Hawick’s prestigious companies.

Whether you once worked for Braemar or not, this lecture promises to be a fascinating and interesting insight into one of Hawick’s distinguished firms by someone who has a deep knowledge of the Borders textile trade.