Cross words

I recently read, on average, men speak about 12,000 words a day and women speak about 25,000 words!

Today we are bombarded with words – we can listen to a variety of radio stations at any time, or read from a wide selection of newspapers or magazines, or you can watch the TV news 24hrs a day now.

But I think Jesus spoke some of the most important words ever spoken, and I believe his words are still worth reading today.

This Easter, we remember his words as he hung on that cross. His last words on the cross were “It is finished” – which did not mean it was the end, defeat or failure. “It is finished” means his mission was accomplished, he had completed his purpose in coming to earth.

He came to take the punishment for sin and bring salvation to all those who will trust in Him.

This Easter, why don’t you take time to read some of Jesus words for yourself.