Crimes solved plummet 12%

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Almost half the crimes committed in the Teviot and Liddesdale area go unsolved, according to latest police figures.

The grim statistics for the local ward, which were reported at last week’s area forum meeting in the town hall, show that crime solvency rates fell by almost 12 per cent in the last year to 51.03 per cent.

The figures, which come under the heading of Performance in the Teviot and Liddesdale Area, show a solvency drop of 11.89 per cent which equates to a clear-up rate of 51.03 per cent compared to last year in which 62.92 per cent of crimes were solved.

There has been a drop in solvency across the region with figures last year highlighting a 57.54 percent clear-up compared to 51.60 per cent to date this year.

The report also details a slight decrease in reported crimes with last year’s Teviot and Liddesdale figure standing at 445 and this year’s showing 439.

The Borders-wide figures show 2,221 recorded for last year and 2,089 for the current year.

It stated: “There is a slight decrease in the number of crimes reported to police compared to the same time last year, which mirrors the trend in the Borders overall.

“The same can be said for the solvency rate, which has decreased in the ward area as well as the Borders. The figures show that more than half of the crimes reported have been solved at this time.

“However, this fluctuates on a daily basis and should only be used as a guide.”

Hawick councillor and former top cop Watson McAteer says he is “worried” about the “dramatic reduction” in solvency rates. He said: “Although reported crime is decreasing, such a dramatic reduction in the solved rate is a worrying trend. The Borders has a well established reputation for catching those intent on committing crime in our area especially those that purposely travel here to do so. A high detection rate acts as an excellent deterrent and Police Scotland must do all they can to improve this situation’

Police Scotland failed to respond to the Hawick News when we requested a comment for our story.