Town proves to be magnet for thieves

Hawick is the only town in the Borders to be targeted by metal thieves in the last three years.

The cost of repairing the damage totalled more than £4,000 and thieves visited the roofs of the same two buildings twice.

Hobkirk Primary School was hit to the tune of £1,864 and damage to Hawick’s town hall roof cost Scottish Borders Council £2,469.

Local council property boss Frank Scott said: “This is not something we deal a lot with. The scrap value of the stolen lead can’t be much more than £100 but it costs a lot more to replace and repair the damage.

“During the last incident the thieves took a wheelie bin from Allars Crescent, used it to jump onto a wall and from there got onto the [town hall] roof. They put the lead into the bin and made off but were apprehended and I believe they were convicted.”

At Monday night’s community council meeting, a police spokesperson revealed that checks on local scrap metal dealers were to be stepped up in the coming months.