Threats accused not guilty

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

A 57-year-old woman has been cleared of threatening and abusive behaviour towards witnesses leaving Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

Patricia Irvine was captured on CCTV confronting the group at the foot of the court’s internal stairs after her husband’s court case on January 8.

He had pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening behaviour but a not-guilty plea to assaulting a woman had been acceptedby the Crown. After the case, Mrs Irvine, of Silverbuthall Road, was said to have met the group at the stairs, shouting and swearing and told them “result” as well as saying to one of them “keep away from my family”.

Depute fiscal Tessa Bradley told her trial witnesses should be able to come to court confident they are not going to be “taunted or menaced” by people associated with the accused.

However, Sheriff Peter Paterson said the six witnesses against Mrs Irvine had
given varying accounts of
what had happened and he added he was “not satis-
fied beyond reasonable doubt”.

Accordingly he found her not guilty of a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour likely to cause fear and alarm by shouting and swearing and uttering threats at the sheriff courthouse.