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Selkirk Sheriff Court
Selkirk Sheriff Court

AN ALCOHOL thief released on a tag from a two-year jail sentence after just six months is back behind bars.

Raymond Adamson, 46, had only been out for 12 days when he was caught stealing a £6.99 bottle of vodka from B&M Bargains

on Saturday.

He appeared from custody at Selkirk Sheriff Court where he was sent back to prison until at least January for his original offence

of having a 12-inch knife hidden in his sock in a local pub.

Adamson – who has 35 previous convictions – was also given another four-month jail sentence for the alcohol theft which will run


Defence lawyer Iain Burke said his client had received the two-year jail sentence on January 25 at Jedburgh Sheriff Court.

He added Adamson was released on a home curfew on July 29 as he had completed a quarter of his sentence.

But Adamson was caught on CCTV stealing the bottle of vodka on August 10 .

Mr Burke pointed out there was a full recovery of the alcohol.