Rape threat man to pay £500 compensation

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court
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A DRUNKEN man who threatened to rape a police constable’s mother and daughter, and infect him with Hepatitis C, has been ordered to pay the officer £500 compensation.

When the policeman arrested 39-year-old Sean Lamont, he launched into a tirade of abuse, including a homophobic comment.

Lamont said he would trace the officer’s family and find out where he lived.

The accused, who then lived at South Hermitage Street, Newcastleton, admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner in a police vehicle travelling between Newcastleton and Hawick, on October 14 last year.

Prosecutor Kate McGarvey told how police detained Lamont at about 4.30pm and put him into the police vehicle.

“He began a tirade of abuse towards the police constable, uttering a number of obscenities, including calling him a faggot.

“He said he would infect him with Hepatitis C, threatening to spit at him,” continued Ms McGarvey.

“He threatened he was going to trace his family and find his home, and that he would rape his mother and daughter when released,” added Ms McGarvey.

A spit mask was put on Lamont when he arrived at the police station, where he then said “I’m sorry, sincerely sorry.”

Solicitor Ross Gardiner, defending, said Lamont had been out of trouble for some six years.

He conceded his client had been “pretty feral in the van.

“He doesn’t dispute that these things were said, although he can’t justify why,” said Mr Gardiner.

“He was handcuffed, so no real threat to the officers, although he believed that the handcuffs were on too tight,” he added.

Lamont, a former heroin addict, was said to have been drunk at the time.

“He said some pretty nasty things, but has been in custody for eight days,” concluded Mr Gardiner.

At Jedburgh Sheriff Court last Friday, Sheriff Derrick McIntyre ordered that Lamont pay the officer £500 compensation.

He also imposed a Community Payback Order with 80 hours of unpaid work, warning Lamont that any lapse could see him jailed.

“The police should not have to put up with this kind of behaviour,” he added.