Police crackdown puts the brakes on antisocial drivers

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Police seized three cars in the town last month, carried out 12 road checks and upped the ante on illegal parking.

This must be welcome news for townsfolk and community leaders who constantly highlight concerns over parking and antisocial drivers.

One seizure involved an uninsured car which was being operated by an unlicensed driver and the other two cars were impounded due to antisocial driving in the town centre

This was welcomed by community councillor Jim Little who says police should continue the tough stance
until the problem is eradicated.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, Mr Little said: “I think this is the best thing that has happened in a long time. If these young antisocial drivers get the message that their behaviour is not going to be tolerated it’s good news for everyone.”

But Mr Little warned that while the local police may be targeting illegal parking, Hawick is crying out for a warden of its own.

He added: “The High Street today [Thursday] was a disgrace. Folk were parked everywhere and the traffic couldn’t get moved. Funding needs to be found from somewhere to provide a warden. The police can only do so much.”

Echoing Mr Little’s demands for continued action, community council chair Marion Short said: “I recently spent some time with a local police officer identifying several hot spots in the town where parking has become a real issue. I am confident that if the police step up pressure we will begin to see an improvement.”

Chief Inspector Andy McLean, local area commander for the Scottish Borders, said: “As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping Hawick’s roads safe we have been carrying out increased patrols in the town to identify anyone responsible for motoring offences.

“This has resulted in a number of vehicles being seized, while local officers have also been out to detect and deter illegal or inconsiderate parking.

“We will continue to police roads and parking issues in Hawick and will devote the necessary resources to addressing any issues, whenever they arise.”