Mail driver fined £300 for knocking over elderly woman in Hawick

Morrisons in Mart Street, Hawick.
Morrisons in Mart Street, Hawick.

A Royal Mail driver has been fined £300 for knocking down an elderly woman at the entrance to a Hawick supermarket car park.

Glyn Martin, 52, was suspended from driving duties by his employer following the incident near Morrisons, in Mart Street, after being charged with careless driving.

He pleaded guilty to that charge.

Prosecutor Graham Fraser told Jedburgh Sheriff Court on Monday how the mail van was driven along a filter lane on the inside past a queue of vehicles and struck the woman after she had just gone over a pedestrian crossing.

He said: “A number of people saw her umbrella flying through the air.”

Martin, of Longbaulk Road, Hawick, provided a negative breath test afterwards when questioned by police about the accident.

The woman sustained grazing to her head and elbow, bruising to her face, a cut on her lower left leg and a gouge to one of her ankles.

Mr Fraser added: “Because of her age and skin condition, it was not possible to stitch the wounds.”

She was taken to Borders General Hospital at Melrose and later transferred to Hawick Community Hospital for lengthy treatment to her injuries, the sheriff court heard.

As well as being fined, Martin had his driving licence endorsed with five penalty points.

The court heard that Royal Mail staff face disciplinary procedures, with the potential of dismissal, if they tot up six penalty points on their licences.