Heroin man gets £540 fine

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

Police officers visiting a flat on another matter found £360 worth of heroin lying around.

It resulted in neighbours Raymond Malcolm and Cecilia Black being charged with drugs offences.

Forty-seven-year-old Malcolm admitted possession of £180 of the class A drug, while Black, 41, who lives next door in Backdamgate, pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of diamorphine.

Depute fiscal Claire Bottomley told Jedburgh Sheriff Court that officers attended at the flat on the evening of Saturday, October 26, to get a statement from Malcolm about another case.

She added: “As they walked towards the bedroom officers could clearly see the material referred to in the charges.” Defence lawyer Ed Hulme insisted Malcolm was on a simple possession charge.

He explained: “He invited the officers into the flat but unfortunately the items were left on display. He has previous convictions but nothing since 2005. His heroin use had spiralled out of control after his wife’s death.”

Black’s lawyer Kenneth Woodburn said she had 18 bags of heroin on that day only but made no financial gain on the drugs. But he accepted she had been involved in drugs since she was 16.

Sheriff Kevin Drummond told Black she was clearly involved in the drug-dealing scene and it was not restricted to one day.

He imposed a 12-month Community Payback Order with the condition she carries out 216 hours of unpaid

The sheriff also expressed dismay at jobless Malcolm’s excuse that he had paid for his drugs from the remainer of a benefits grant he had received to purchase a washing machine.

He imposed a fine of £540, to be paid at £10 a fortnight, adding: “This will also be coming out of the public purse.”