Eight-month driving ban for drunken teen

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

A drunken teenager, found sleeping in a friend’s car, has been fined £550 and banned from driving for eight months.

First offender Dale Whillans, 17, of Longcroft Road, was fined £225 and banned from driving for eight months after he admitted being in charge of a car in Buccleuch Road on June 8.

He was admonished after he admitted taking away the car without the owner’s consent at Crumelknowes, Hawick.

Whillans was fined £225 after he admitted using the vehicle without insurance in Buccleuch Road.

He was fined a further £100 for not having a full licence.

“Police received a call at around am about a male sleeping in a vehicle in Buccleuch Road,” explained depute fiscal Claire Bottomley.

“They found the accused in the driver’s seat, and he failed a roadside breath test,” she added.

Solicitor Ed Hulme, defending, told Jedburgh Sheriff Court that his client, who works as a forester, “made a foolish mistake”.