Drugs-driver disqualified after crashing into cones

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

A driver was found to be unfit through drugs after his car collided with roadwork cones.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court heard how Lee Nichol pulled away and then drove “erratically” through Selkirk’s Market Place.

The 27-year-old, of Trinity Street, admitted driving a car while unfit through drink or drugs on the A7 Selkirk to Hawick road and in Burnfoot Road on November 4.

“At 11.45pm, the vehicle was seen on the A7 north of Selkirk and, as it came into Ettrick Terrace, it collided with roadwork cones and roadwork lights ,” explained procurator fiscal Graham Fraser.

“It pulled away again and drove erratically through the Market Place.

“He got out, spoke to council personnel, and then got back in and headed back to Hawick,” continued Mr Fraser.

“Police got a call about a potential drink driver and followed the vehicle, which was swerving about the road.

“It was clear he was intoxicated in some way, with his speech slurred and eyes dilated.

“Tests found no alcohol in his system,” he added.

“At 5am, some five hours later, drugs were still affecting his conduct,” said Mr Fraser, “and it was clear he was very intoxicated.”

Nichol was disqualified from driving meantime, and sentence further deferred until February 23 for reports.

n The case against Daniel Norman has been deserted pro loco et tempore (meantime). Norman, 29, of Eildon Road, denied assaulting his partner in Eildon Road on September 28.