Croft Road woman’s reports delay jail warning

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

A SHERIFF has described the malnourished condition of a Rottweiler as an “absolute disgrace”.

Derrick McIntyre was looking at the pictures of the dog which was left in the care of 39-year-old Amanda Hartness while her partner was in prison.

Hartness, of Croft Road, was found guilty at a previous hearing of failing to provide the dog with adequate nutrition at her home on August 28 last year.

Defence lawyer Rory Bannerman said she had no experience of looking after animals and thought one bowl of food per day would suffice.

When the dog lost significant weight she put it down to the Rottweiler pining for its owner.

Sheriff McIntyre said: “I have never seen a Rottweiler in this condition. It is an absolute disgrace.”

After being told background reports had not yet been prepared he warned Hartness she could be remanded if they were not ready for the sentencing diet on June 28.