Charity warns of fraudulent clothes recycling bag collections

The charity bags carry the Meningitis Now and bebic logos without permission.
The charity bags carry the Meningitis Now and bebic logos without permission.

A charity is warning of fraudulent collections after discovering its logo is being used on unauthorised clothes recycling bags.

Meningitis Now is aware of collections taking place in parts of Scotland – and is urging the public not to make donations in this way.

The bags are designed for people to donate their unwanted clothes, shoes, and other items, which are then collected at the roadside, often to raise money for charity.

However, Meningitis Now does not raise funds through schemes such as these, and there is no agreement in place with any company to collect unwanted goods on its behalf.

It says it is not the only charity affected by this, as its logo sits alongside other charities on the fraudulent bags, including bibic, which supports children and young people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Stephen Service, policy manager at the Fundraising Regulator, said: “While many clothing collections are legitimate, charity bag fraud is an increasingly common problem which makes victims of donors and charities alike. If in doubt, check with your local council directly before you give to ensure the collection is licensed.”

Dr Tom Nutt, CEO at Meningitis Now, said: “Sadly, this is an issue that affects the wider charity sector, not just Meningitis Now.

“Charities rely on the generosity of public donations to help keep vital services running – at Meningitis Now this means ensuring that everyone affected by meningitis gets the support they need to rebuild their lives.

“I would like to make it clear that these bags are fraudulent and nothing to do with Meningitis Now. Please do not make any donations in this way.

“We are working together with other charities and the charity regulator to minimise the impact that this type of behaviour has on the charity sector as a whole.”

Lynda Williams, CEO at bibic, added: “We are extremely disappointed to learn of the continued fraudulent use of the bibic brand.

“To falsely claim to be changing the lives of children with disabilities and learning difficulties is disgraceful, and I urge anyone that receives a bag purporting to support bibic and Meningitis Now to follow the advice from the fundraising regulator.”

Anyone with any doubts about the use of the Meningitis Now logo can check with the charity by call 01453 768000, or via its Facebook page

The charity would also like to remind its generous supporters that there are other, safer ways, to make donations, in particular via the Meningitis Now website

For more information about bibic visit the website bibic website or call 01458 253344.