ASBO breach man’s drink problem leads to 139 days in jail

Jedburgh Sheriff Court
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

A drunken man who demanded to be taken to the cells, had his wish granted after breaching an ASBO.

Colin Gill, 40, spent two nights in custody after he lay on the floor at the police station, telling officers he wanted to be taken into custody.

At Jedburgh Sheriff Court, Gill was jailed for 139 days.

Sheriff Derrick McIntyre imposed a 120-day jail term for the breach of ASBO and also ordered that Gill serve 19 days of an unexpired sentence.

Gill, of Princes Street, admitted breaching an ASBO by attending at the police station in a drunken state on December 14 and acting in an aggressive manner.

“He was on an ASBO and went into the police station at about 6pm, approached the front counter, and lay down on the ground,” explained 9rocurator fiscal Graham Fraser. “He was very, very drunk, and was told to go home,” he added.

“He said he didn’t want to go home, but wanted to go to the cells,” said Mr Fraser.

Concerned for his wellbeing, police called for an ambulance, but Gill was assessed as “drunk”.

Found to be in breach of an ASBO, the accused was taken into custody.

“So he got his wish in the end,” commented Sheriff McIntyre.

Defence solicitor Rory Bannerman said his client had suffered from an alcohol problem, but was “improving.

“He spent two nights in custody as a result of his folly,” added Mr Bannerman.

“He had fallen out with his partner, had been drinking to excess, and went to the police station seeking solace.

“He was belligerent, but didn’t strike out at anyone,” he added.