Crime levels in Burnfoot continuing to fall

PC Steven Sutherland
PC Steven Sutherland

BURNFOOT has seen a “massive” decrease in the number of police calls compared to the same period last year.

PC Steven Sutherland told a meeting of the community council this week that there were 88 calls made throughout April in comparison to 140 for the month last year.

There were three instances of vandalism and five reported thefts, four of which were bicycles taken from gardens, with three recovered by the police.

PC Sutherland said that people leaving bikes out in the open was a continuing issue.

“We’re considering a letter drop about the bikes,” he said. “It’s happening time and again and people are not getting the message that they can’t leave them at their front door.”

There were six assaults compared to 11 last year and six youth calls – 14 last year.

However, PC Sutherland admitted they were experiencing some problems at the recycling area down from the community school.

He said: “One thing that has raised its head a couple of times is the recycling bins. Kids have been targeting them of late and tipping them over because they can get into them from the underneath.

“It’s something that’s also been happening down at the bins at Morrisons as well.”

Overall though, he said he was pleased with the way things were going on the estate.

He added: “We’re actually stopping and engaging with the kids instead of just driving by. There’s a much better relationship now.”