Cowardly vandal has card marked

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To the coward who thought it was clever and humorous to deface the toilet wall at Hawick
Golf Club I have the following to say.

Firstly it was neither clever nor humorous. When you are brave enough to stick your head above the parapet, and I doubt you ever will be, you might just be able to pass comment on
the work done by the club’s officials.

The club is going through a very difficult period at the moment and a lot of people are working very hard to resolve the financial issues that are affecting the club.

At the extraordinary general meeting held last week, 84 good members of the club turned up to give their opinions.

Unlike yourself, they were brave enough to ask their questions or make their comments in front of others.

People like you who prefer to hide behind toilet doors do not deserve to be part of a great club like Hawick Golf Club. People who do things secretly behind toilet doors usually end up getting arrested.

If you are ever brave enough, and I doubt that you ever will be, to man up to the club committee with your stupid comments then please feel free to do so.

Until then I suggest that you grow up and perhaps even leave the club because if you are ever found out you will have no other choice.

Please note that I have been mature enough to add my name to this letter.

To the more sensible members of the club, and there are many, thank you for your continued support.

T. D. Leithead