Courthill farmer sends out warning over cow dangers

A local farmer has warned of the dangers posed by cattle which are naturally protective towards their calves.

Jane Mitchell, of Courthill Farm, near Appletreehall, is urging people to stay out of fields and says that cows will go to any length to protect their offspring.

She told the Hawick News: “I know when I get off my quad bike [in a field] I’m always very careful what I do.

“If it was up to me, I would never walk through a field with cows and young calves unless I really had to. I know myself what they [the cattle] are like. They will do anything to protect their young.

“I could reel off a lot of people I know who have been badly injured or killed by cows. Most people I know who work with cows have had a scare in their lives.”

She emphasised that there was no reason to go into any field with cows and calves. Farmers treated cattle with respect, she added, and the public should stay well

Councillor Stuart Marshall, who was contacted by Jane last week, said: “It really was alarming when the farmer called me in a very worried state over members of the public entering her fields that are stocked at this time of year with cows and their calves.

“She is doing her utmost to alert the public to the dangers should the cattle stampede and I’m supporting her fully in raising awareness over this issue.”

Mr Marshall said he urged all parents to alert their youngsters to the imminent danger they faced when entering fields.

He continued: “Cattle will use whatever means necessary to protect their
young and at this time of the year they are very highly strung.”

Jane says she has contacted police on several occasions about groups of youths walking across her fields when they contain cattle, how-
ever she claims her calls
are not being given any priority.

She added: “Every time I phone the police they never come out [to the farm]. They have never once appeared, and always say they had to deal with a 999 emergency.”

The police were unable to provide a comment before we went to press.