Couple refused help to rid their home of furry pests

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A Ramsay Road couple who are expecting their first child in August are being refused help from their landlord to exterminate vermin from their home.

Fraser Dalgliesh and his 19-year-old partner Corrie Hogg, who live at 94 Ramsay Road, have contacted Waverley Housing and the council’s environmental health department but have so far recieved no help.

And Mr Dalgliesh is furious that environmental staff failed to turn up to a recent appointment, and said: “We have contacted Waverley and have been told that we would have to pay the cost of an exterminator which we can’t afford.”

The couple are expecting a daughter in August and Mr Dalgliesh says the house is littered with mice droppings and stinks of urine.

He added: “The whole place smells. I caught one but haven’t managed to catch more. It is really getting to us now and Corrie is pregnant and will just not stay there when the baby is born.”

The Hawick News visited the property this week and evidence of mouse droppings and urine could be found throughout the couple’s home and nests were visible behind the fireplace.

A statement from Waverley Housing’s Mark Rodgers said: “Mr Dalgleish has been in touch with us about the mice infestation issue at his address. He has also been in touch with Scottish Borders Council Environmental Health Services section.

“We have advised him that it is his responsibility as a tenant to address any infestation or pest control issues, and I understand that he has said that he recognises this. We understand that SBC’s Environmental Health Services section were working with Scottish Borders Housing Association to investigate whether the infestation issues arose from their property, which
is above Mr Dalgleish’s address.

We are happy to see if there are any obvious routes by which mice might be getting in. However, trapping, baiting or eradicating of pests is not a service that we offer.”