Councillors’ plan for new ‘open’ sessions

Councillors Watson McAteer and Stuart Marshall are set to hold a series of new ‘open’ events across the Hawick and Denholm ward during November.

Councillor McAteer said: “While some of the traditional surgery-type activity can take place we plan to include the police and council officials to make it easier for anyone with concerns to raise them either with us or directly with the specialists. We welcome community support and see these events as a great way of focusing on the key issues impacting an area.”

Councillor Stuart Marshall added: “This creates a great opportunity for townsfolk and those in the ward to meet and share concerns. Where we have significant problems in a specific area we will try to ensure an appropriate official joins us and we can also meet people in private.”

The events will take place between 6-8pm during November with the first scheduled to be held in the new Burnfoot Hub on Tuesday, November 3.

The full list of events is as follows: Burnfoot Community Hub, November 3; Denholm village hall, November 10; Wilton Dean hall, November 18 (to be confirmed); Escape Cafe, Havelock Street, November 23; and Bonchester village hall on November 24.