Councillors – is our money well spent?

MOST will be aware of the phrase ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics’ and the recent Hawick News report regarding ‘Councillors’ high attendance’ at meetings may give us cause to examine the numbers in a bit more detail.

In many respects the figures may draw a parallel with the House of Lords, where just turning up entitles the member to their salary – something Councillor David Paterson seems to allude to when challenging a fellow Hawick councillor over his expenses.

As much as the article makes mildly interesting reading, I am fairly sure the readers would rather know which meetings were attended (SBC or Community Council etc) and more importantly what contribution our councillors are making to improving our town.

Perhaps at the next area forum each councillor would consider providing an update on what they have done for Hawick and its people since being elected in May 2012.

This would provide an open and transparent approach where the electorate can judge whether or not their money is being well spent.

Watson McAteer