Councillors’ call to drive down speed

Councillor Watson McAteer
Councillor Watson McAteer

Scottish Borders Council is refusing to install speed-calming measures at Burnfoot despite fears that the current situation will end in a serious accident.

And further concerns have been expressed over speeding cars in Mansfield Road by parents of nursery kids and also by Johnstons cafe users.

Both Councillors Watson McAteer and Stuart Marshall, joined by the estate’s community council chief Michael Grieve, will now increase pressure on the local authority
to implement safety measures.

The speeding concerns of residents and councillors alike is debated monthly at meetings of Burnfoot Community Council, and police have carried out speed checks. But now the call for action is gathering pace.

Speaking this week, Mr McAteer said: “Monitoring completed by Scottish Borders Council shows that a little over 12 per cent of the vehicles checked over a seven-day period exceeded the 30mph limit, with some recorded at speeds of 45mph in the built-up

“In an effort to highlight this problem a temporary ‘smiley face’ speed recording device was installed next to the Burnfoot hub development.

Mr McAteer added: “Since this equipment has been removed, and in anticipation of the opening of the new community hub, the community council have asked Scottish Borders Council to install a similar device on a permanent basis.

“However, Scottish Borders Council officials are not convinced that there is a speeding problem in the area and have received no feedback from the police.”

And commenting on Mansfield Road situation, Mr Marshall, who has contacted local police on the issue, said: “I’ve been contacted by several constituents regarding the fast-flowing traffic in Mansfield Road. This is now a very busy stretch of my ward and residents and mums who use Mansfield Nursery are frequently asking me to investigate as to how best to reduce the hazards.

Community Council boss Michael Grieve said: “The traffic information is based on current trends which will change when Burnfoot hub opens. I would hate for a road traffic accident to be the only reason the council changes its mind on this.”

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “The ‘smiley’ road sign most recently displayed on Burnfoot Road is rotated around the Borders to encourage sensible driving across the region. If anyone has particular concerns about this particular stretch of road we’d be happy to speak with them.”