Councillor Smith’s Marmion Road reply

I read with interest last week’s letter from Allan Walker regarding the road markings in Marmion Road. If Mr Walker had given me the opportunity to speak when we met recently perhaps this could have been resolved then!

The road markings were repainted some time ago. Mr Walker brought to my attention that the priority had changed. I told him I agreed that the new arrangement looked wrong. I contacted roads and was told a mistake had been made by the crew. I asked for it to be changed back. The response was that, as Mr Walker was the only one who had made comment at that time, perhaps there should be a delay to allow others to make comment. None came. The matter then came up again last autumn. I asked again for a return to previous priority. The answer came that local residents would complain about council money being spent on the change, and that it should wait until lines next needing repainting.

I still believed that the present priority is dangerous and once more asked for a return to the original (which had clearly been the option thought by roads to be sensible when it was first done). My understanding at present is that this change is now to be done the next time the white line squad is working in the town.

Readers, and Mr Walker, will see that there is a clear pattern here. At no point have I supported a change in the road priorities and have consistently agreed with his view.