Councillor’s parking ‘tickets’ bid

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Community councillor Andy Maybury’s plan for a new parking ‘ticket’ scheme could help alleviate parking problems in town.

According to Mr Maybury, the ‘tickets’ are designed to shame drivers into thinking twice by telling them that their vehicle is “illegally parked” in a “short-stay parking area”.

Speaking at a recent community council meeting, Mr Maybury said: “This idea has worked in several other places and it is certainly worth thinking about. It’s pretty easy to get going. All you have to do is print the tickets and distribute them.

“It would hopefully prompt people into thinking twice about parking illegally.”

But fellow councillor French Wight isn’t convinced and is concerned that those parking illegally may hit back with claims that their vehicles have been damaged.

Mr Wight said: “I am aware that this has been tried in other areas and I am also aware that problems have arisen with folk claiming the person who ticketed their cars has actually damaged the vehicles and it leaves you open to all sorts.

But Mr Maybury added: “It’s a start and certainly something that is worth considering given the parking issues in the town at the moment.”

Community council chair Marion Short said she thinks the initiative is a non-

“I got the feeling that this would be very problematic and that it could well leave people open to accusations of damaging cars.

“While I have no hesitation in saying something needs to be done about the parking situation in Hawick, and I fully understand the merits of Andy’s idea, I just think it is too problematic.

“I also don’t really think there was the depth of support for this from either the community councillors or indeed our Scottish Borders Councillors. I just can’t see how this would be implemented.”