Councillor’s default position behind veil of confidentiality

FURTHER to last week’s Soap Box column in which Councillor Zandra Elliot frantically tries to hide behind a veil of confidentiality when alluding to her so-called caseload – I was appalled at the staggering level of contempt she shows towards her constituents throughout her article.

Mrs Elliot is no doubt acutely aware that the upcoming pre-election jousting will dictate that her record will be under the spotlight like never before, and I’m sure she’s also only too aware that her record will simply not stand up to even the scantest of scrutiny. Hence before anyone starts asking awkward questions over exactly what she has done to merit her generous salary, she retreats to her default position, and expects her constituents to fall into line and adhere to her very own blanket confidentiality agreement.

Mrs Elliot is quite obviously desperate to avoid being pinned down on what she has actually achieved as one of the town’s elected members, and last week’s “crass attempt at electioneering” – her words, not mine – merely confirmed this.


HAVING just read Councillor Zandra Elliot’s Soap Box article, I felt compelled to write to you to express my complete astonishment (and anger) that you consider such utter drivel suitable for publication.

Mrs Elliot protests a little too strongly that she’s bound by confidentiality when dealing with her constituency work. It’s all just a bit too convenient as voters start to think long and hard about who’s done what over the last five years.

And to top it all off, Mrs Elliot now seems to be claiming she has developed an aversion to the “glare of the spotlight”. Astonishing. Absolutely astonishing.