Councillor’s cautionary note as Waverley Walk realignment goes ahead

THE footpath from the Waverley Walk is to be realigned to link up to the Wilton Hill crossing.

But while local councillor Stuart Marshall has welcomed the work, which is due to start on Monday, he stressed that more still needs to be done on the stretch of road to make it safe.

Councillor Marshall, who campaigned for several years to have a crossing which was finally installed last year, told the Hawick News: “This is the second and final phase of this project and should hopefully make the many pedestrians who use this fast and dangerous road feel much safer.”

A minimal amount of disruption it expected while the work, which is costing Scottish Borders Council £2,500, is carried out. However, Councillor Marshall said he would continue to call for more safety measures to be introduced.

He added: “The footpath will link up to the crossing and hopefully encourage people to cross with relative safety. But the public should never drop their guard while crossing at any part of Wilton Hill and, like many others, I will always be of the opinion that it is fast, dangerous and deserves more safety features added to it.”