Councillor fires retort over dog fouling claims

I’M writing in response to the anonymous letter in last week’s Hawick News, which accused town councillors of being “all mouth and no action” with regards to dog fouling. I realise we are coming up to an election next May but he or she may not be aware that I regularly speak to folk about not cleaning up and even offer them a bag or two if they haven’t seen their pet fouling behind them.

And after complaints from a constituent in Myerslawgreen, I took a walk round this area, during which a constituent and myself spotted a rather large man with his large dog fouling on the pavement. I asked him to clean it up and even offered him a bag to do so. I was greeted with nothing but abuse. However, I saw where he lived and went to the police station (because the wardens weren’t working on the Sunday), and made a complaint, with my constituent a witness to this as well. I have since been informed that the man was charged.

With regard to what I’m doing about getting the fine increased from £40. Well, actually, I put up a notice of motion to the council at St Boswells that the government should adopt a more proactive approach to the age-old antisocial problem of dog owners failing to pick up after their pets. I argued that the fine should be increased from £40, which was hardly a deterrent, to a more realistic £100. All Hawick councillors supported me along with the vast majority of my member colleagues at SBC. The council then wrote to the SNP Government, but unfortunately they did not see a need for an increase in the fine.

But all is not lost. If members of the public suspect someone of not cleaning up after their pets they should call 0300 1001800. Alternatively, con-tact any of the councillors in their ward – all of whom, I’m sure, would be only too happy to assist them.


I would like to thank the kind people of Hawick who assisted my wife, Jenny Wilson, when she fell on the High Street last Wednesday afternoon. Thanks also to Dr Thomas and staff at the community hospital, and also the ambulance crew for their prompt attention. This was yet another of the many accidents caused by the current state of local pavements.


Could I, on behalf of the footballing group from Hawick which recently visited Carlisle, thank all who contributed to our fund-raising efforts, namely the Tower Inn, Seymour Roofing & Slating and the Exchange Bar. Thanks also to patrons of the Waverley and Exchange pubs who purchased a scratchcard. The winners were L. Sanderson and I. Forbes. We were well received by Carlisle United FC, and the carers and clients got a great deal out of the trip. It is events like this that enhance our people and community.