Councillor airs fears over Burnfoot’s aggressive dogs

CONCERNS have been raised over a rise in the number of mastiff-type dogs roaming Burnfoot.

And one local councillor is calling for a crackdown on these breeds which he says are known
for their aggression.

Hawick and Denholm member Stuart Marshall says he has received several complaints about aggressive dogs. “I am very
concerned that the sort of dogs that are reported to be roaming loose are the mastiff-type that
are known to be aggressive,” he said.

“One dog whilst being exercised on the lead with its owner was allegedly viciously attacked and this type of incident is of real concern.”

Mr Marshall added: “I’ve been told by the police that they will contact those who are complaining and I am now working with Scottish Borders Council’s dog-catcher who has been extremely helpful.”

Mr Marshall has also contacted a dog warden who advised him that arrangements can be made to collect strays.

The warden told Mr Marshall that: “We can also issue dog control notices for any incident where a dog has been out of control and caused alarm or apprehension to a member of the public.”