Council won’t recover unpaid parking fines

Almost 500 parking tickets issued in the last three years remain unpaid and the council have said it’s too costly chase offenders for the cash.

A Freedom of Information request shows that since April 1, 2011, 447 parking notices have gone unpaid in the Borders, costing the council nearly £9,000 in lost revenue.

One driver is owe the cash strapped local authority a total of £480 and one local councillor, says he’s taking the issue up with officers at St Boswells.

Speaking to the Hawick News this week, Councillor Watson McAteer said: “‘I am disappointed to learn that a large number of council instigated parking fines remain unpaid and that much needed revenue may have been lost.

“I hope this does not echo the recent revelation concerning unpaid dog fouling penalties where it would appear that pursuing offenders is regarded as not being cost effective. This is a matter I will pursue with council officers.”

An SBC spokesperson said: “The council is always looking to maximise the number of parking fines collected and is constantly reviewing the processes for this.

“However, there are a number of circumstances, such as if a payment defaulter is a benefits claimant, which can make it difficult to recover a payment.

“The costs of pursuing fines through the legal system can also prove disproportionate for the council.

“We will continue to make every effort to collect as many fines as possible to deter motorists from breaching the parking regulations that are in place.”