Council considers new Mayfield bus

THE council has said it will “look into” the option of extending a Sunday bus service to include Mayfield.

The route is seen as a lifeline to people in the area, many of whom are pensioners, and the council has agreed to consider adjusting the parameters of a contract for town services run by transport company First Group.

It is estimated that the detour, via Mayfield, would add around three minutes and three bus stops onto the journey between Stirches and Mart Street.

A brief council statement said: “This is something we can look into.”

First Group took on the responsibility of running services in the area following the withdrawal of Jedburgh bus company Munro’s during the summer. The national firm has continued the Stirches service, which takes in Mayfield on every day except Sunday.

Paul Thomas, managing director for First Scotland East, said: “First Scotland East won the contract to operate Sunday services in Hawick on behalf of Scottish Borders Council. The contract did not include providing services to Mayfield.

“I understand that the previous operator did not serve Mayfield on a Sunday either.

“The local community council might want to consider contacting the local authority [Scottish Borders Council] to see if it would be prepared to extend the parameters of the contract to include Mayfield.”

Danny Richardson, a community councillor and resident of Mayfield, plans to approach local councillors in an attempt to have the issue discussed by local authority officials.

“The Sunday service to Mayfield has never been tried, so you don’t know how it’ll be until it’s tried,” said Mr Richardson. “The bus is getting busier, and if the same number of people who get the bus on a Saturday use it on a Sunday, it would be worthwhile.

“It would give people the option of going down the street if there were things on on a Sunday.

“People here would be thrilled if there was a bus service on. It wouldn’t be as busy as the buses through the week, but I think it would be used.”