Council agrees to take another look at Chesters junction

Philip Kerr at Chesters.
Philip Kerr at Chesters.

Calls for the repeat of a traffic survey at a junction in Southdean said to be an accident blackspot have met with a positive response from council bosses.

Roads officers have agreed to put speed-test equipment back in place at the Chesters junction of the A6088 Hawick-to-Carter Bar road.

That follows claims made by residents there that speeding motorists and inadequate road markings are putting lives in danger.

Community and ward councillors said a traffic survey undertaken in October was flawed as it took place at the same time as roadworks.

And now the local authority, having reviewed that data, has agreed it gives an inaccurate account of usual speeds through the 30mph zone.

Road safety and traffic management engineer Gary Haldane said: “Roadworks were in place at the time, and this survey will be repeated in springtime.

“The original survey was planned for earlier, although the external survey company then pushed the dates back and we were not advised.

“Once we have the second set of survey data, we will analyse it and determine if there are any other traffic-calming interventions available and appropriate for the area.”

Southdean Community Council called for extreme traffic-calming measures to be introduced and for line repainting to be carried out.

Blaming a backlog and demand on the region’s only lining vehicle, Mr Haldane added that the current markings, not amended when a 30mph limit was introduced in 2012, would finally be renewed next month.

“Scottish Borders Council only has one lining vehicle, and it had a number of mechanical failures last year,” he added. “Unfortunately, it is taking a bit of time to catch up with a works backlog.

“For financial reasons, works are grouped geographically to ensure best value.

“Lining works are weather-dependent, but we are aiming for the works to be completed in March.”