‘Costs outweigh safety’ in Albert Road

Councillor Watson McAteer
Councillor Watson McAteer

Councillor Watson McAteer says action needs to be taken over the Albert Road crossing before fears of an accident become reality.

But any hopes of a controlled crossing were dashed this week when the council revealed it would cost £35,000.

Mr McAteer said: “Having personally witnessed the problems pedestrians and drivers face when negotiating the Albert Road crossing and having received complaints from townsfolk, I am disappointed that costs appear to outweigh safety. Those that I speak to believe that an accident is inevitable and action needs to be taken now to prevent this prophecy from becoming a tragic reality.”

A council spokesperson said: “Albert Road currently has a zebra crossing and the council currently has no plans for a controlled crossing. Certain criteria have to be met before a controlled crossing is introduced, one of which is a high number of pedestrians using the route, and Albert Road does not meet this condition.”