Cornet to hit right note at the Big Sing

CORNET Michael Davidson is preparing to make an exciting entrance to Monday morning’s eagerly anticipated Big Sing event at Mansfield Park.

This year’s man of the moment is guaranteed to be on cloud nine as he breezes in to a hero’s welcome, courtesy of more than 2,000 of the town’s children.

Chairman of the Big Sing working group, Alan Williamson, said: “All the details of his visit are a closely guarded secret at the moment but it’s safe to say it will be a jaw-dropping sight for everyone.”

And that won’t be the only surprise, with some 1,600 pupils in the Mansfield Park stand all set to make an Olympic-style display to kick off the musical extravaganza.

The event, which gets under way at 10.30am, will see the mass of children joining in with a selection of the town’s finest entertainers.

Led by folk ‘n roll giants Scocha, there will also be performances from the PSA Male Voice Choir, Hawick Amateur Operatic Society, Alan Brydon, Lois Niblo and a brand new Common-Riding song performed by the high school choir.

Official Common-Riding song singer Michael Aitken will lead the huge gathering in ‘Up wi Auld Hawick’, while the Big Four will bring the event to a close with Teribus.

Mr Williamson added: “It promises to be a spectacular sight with spectacular sounds and something the town has never witnessed before.

“We’re hoping as many people as possible come along to support all those taking part.”

The showpiece performance is being held as part of the 2011 – Year of Arts and Culture, through the Vision 2014 project, as the children from the town count down to the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Hornshole.