Cornet’s extra special ride to Mosspaul

HE MAY be a seasoned campaigner of the Mosspaul Ride-out but even Cornet Ross Nichol admitted to slight apprehension as he left the town on Saturday.

Leading his mounted supporters from the Backdamgate, many of whom were making the journey for the first time, Cornet Nichol’s thoughts were on one particular field.

Amid scorching summer sunshine, the 22-year-old said: “I was really excited on Saturday morning, the sun being out and putting everyone else on a high made it extra special. I must admit though, I was slightly nervous about Pilmuir.”

Fortunately he had nothing to be worried about and neither did the cavalcade of some 138 as all made it over relatively unscathed.

The Big Four and their mounted following were welcomed to Mosspaul by Mosstroopers president Alan Brydon, whose committee ran the beer tent and made sure everyone was well watered.

And as picknickers bathed in the searing temperatures the strains of the Common-Riding songs could be heard echoing down the valley from the traditional sing song.

And before long riders were back in the saddle climbing Linhope on their return journey back to Hawick where they were greeted by hundreds of townsfolk and the unmistakeable boom of the bass drum from the Saxhorn Band.

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