cornet’s delight with day at denholm

THERE may have been a cool breeze in Denholm on Saturday afternoon but the atmosphere was red hot as Cornet Ross Nichol was welcomed into the village on his final ride-out.

There was another huge following that has been the trademark of this year’s man-of-the-moment, both on horseback – 208 mounted supporters – and on foot.

And Cornet Nichol, who has led nine ride-outs this year, believed it was the perfect end to a perfect last five weeks.

The 22-year-old told the Hawick News: “It was great to lead the cavalcade to Denholm. It was the last ride-out and what a way to end them.

“To see the crowds turning the corner into the straight at Denholm made me very proud and excited. And the Scout Fellowship Pipe Band was superb. They gave the entrance to Denholm that extra buzz.”

The traditional journey back to Hawick was a more sedate affair for riders and provided a poignant moment for the Big Four as they split from the rest of the cavalcade for a short period of solemn reflection at Hornshole.

“It was nice to get the chance to ride alone, take in everything and remember why we have our Common-Riding,” said Cornet Nichol.

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