Cornet riding high with ‘unreal’ support

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Cornet Euan Reilly has hailed a “great turnout” for Tuesday’s ride to Northhouse, when around 100 horsemen and women accompanied the young Callant.

At the helm for the fourth of this year’s ride-outs, Euan thanked townsfolk for their support, which he said had been “unreal” and he made special mention of a Common-Riding singer in the making who came to prominence at Northhouse.

“We had a great sing-song in the shed at the farm and heard Teribus from young Robbie Nichol, who was top class.”

The riders left Northhouse at 6pm, and headed by Skelfhill, Acreknowe, Wulliestruther, Nipknowes,
the Loan and on to Tower Knowe, where a warm welcome was provided by young and old for the singing of the song at Drumlanrig’s Tower, and the children’s scramble for “the strive”.

Acting Father Stuart Sharkey added: “It was just a brilliant ride to Northhouse and was very fast on the way home.”

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s trip to Philhope Bridge, the Fither said: “It’s a long ride and takes a lot out the horses, but it’s another one that I’m really looking forward to.”

Stuart also thanked townsfolk for the “overwhelming reception” the Big Four have received at the ride-outs, and revealed that his daughters – Lily, Lola and Ruby – are proud as punch to have their parents play such a prominent role in this year’s celebrations.

“They just love it when their friends say to them: ‘That’s your mum and dad!’” smiled Stuart.

Tomorrow’s ride to Philhope Bridge leaves Backdamgate at 12.30pm and follows the route by Sandbed, Victoria Road, Wilton Dean, Wilton Burn, Pisgah Hill, Blawearie, Alemoor and Deanburnhaugh, arriving at Philhope Bridge at 3.30pm.

Horses leave Philhope Bridge at 5.30pm via Broadlee, Commonside, Harwood, Branxholm Braes, Newmill, Whitchesters, Pilmuir, Flex, Liddesdale Road, Wynd Brig and Howegate to Tower Knowe at 8pm.

Tuesday’s ride to Lilliesleaf leaves Backdamgate at 2pm and follows the route by Sandbed, Wilton Path, Dickson Street, Stirches, Groundistone Heights andHarelaw, arriving in Lilliesleaf at 4pm.

The cavalcade leaves at
6pm and ride to Harelaw, Drove Road to Clarilaw, Appletreehall, Burnfoot, Mansfield Road, North Bridge Street and High Street, before arriving at Tower Knowe at 8pm.