Cornet revels in sun-kissed ride to Priesthaugh

AS HE climbed up over Penchrise, Cornet Ross Nichol looked back in awe over the beautiful, sun-kissed Border countryside.

And amid the clear blue skies the 22-year-old would have been forgiven for thinking he was in dreamland.

He said: “I had a bit of time to myself around there and I was able to look out over the Border scenery. The views were cracking. It was breathtaking.”

Weather forecasters had predicted a scorcher on Tuesday and they didn’t disappoint. More than 60 mounted followers were reduced to short sleaves for their journey to Priesthaugh, while shorts and T-shirts were the order of the day for the hundreds who cheered them on their way.

Although the temperatures may have been slightly high for the horses, Cornet Nichol admitted he enjoyed basking in the sunshine.

He added: “The ride was really good. We went a bit canny on the horses because of the weather, but we had a great canter when we went up through Stobs.”

Left Hand Man Greg Easton was forced to temporarily borrow chief marshal Mick Robertson’s horse Arrie after his own horse Temple was unable to make the ride-out because of a back problem.

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