Cornet gears up for Mosspaul

BOTH the Cornet and Acting Father have revealed that the adrenalin is pumping as they prepare for the ride-out to Mosspaul.

All roads will lead to the historic spot tomorrow as the Big Four embark on the important penultimate Saturday outing, and for two men at the front it marks a special turning point. “I’m really excited for tomorrow”, admitted Cornet Michael Davidson. “It’s always a good day, but everything is moving up a gear now and we’re definitely heading towards the Common-Riding. Tomorrow marks when things change a bit.”

The 25-year-old has spoken of eagerly anticipating meeting his fellow principals from other towns, as well as galloping the famous ‘first field’ at Pilmuir. But highlighting the moment which tugs at any Teri heart string, the Cornet revealed: “I can’t wait to be behind the band and hear the drum on the way back in, that will be a memory I have forever.”

Despite having ridden to Mosspaul many times, Acting Father Grahame Nichol told the Hawick News: “I’m hyper for tomorrow. It’s probably nerves and excitement as everything is just around the corner now, but I hope it slows down.”

And also admitting that it’s impossible to stop his thoughts flying ahead, he added: “I don’t want to wish time away, but I’m really looking forward to coming in behind the band which will be something else.”

The horses leave Backdamgate at 12pm via Howegate, the Loan, Nipknowes to Pilmuir Field, crossing the Allan Water towards Skelfhill to Phaup and Linhope, arriving at Mosspaul at 3pm. The cavalcade leaves at 5pm via Linhope to Phaup and Northhouse to Broadhaugh, then the Allan Water to Whitchesters and Goldielands, Buccleuch Road to Hawick. The Saxhorn Band leads the horses from Volunteer Park to Tower Knowe at 8.15pm. Tuesday’s timetable is the same.