Cornet and Teries lend their support to Jethart Callant

Cornet Michael Davidson at Jed Callants Festival
Cornet Michael Davidson at Jed Callants Festival

HAWICK Cornet Michael Davidson was back in the saddle representing the town on Friday when he joined the cavalcade at Jethart Callants Festival.

The 25-year old has spoken of his enjoyment of Jedburgh’s big day, which was supported by the rest of the Big Four – along with a host of other mounted Teries including Cammy Rudkin, Craig Smith, Jackie Hope, Jock Rae, Allan Brown, Rachel Hunter, Ryan Nichol, Wendy Nichol, Lawrence Marshall and Gavin Scott.

Teries at Jed Callants Festival

Teries at Jed Callants Festival

Cornet Davidson told the Hawick News: “Jed was lucky with the weather and it was a really good day. The ride, for it being their main day, was quite fast and we got a lot of fields which was great.

“And as usual there was a good turnout of Hawick folk, both riding and on foot, and even a good number at the ball.”

Michael and Acing Father Grahame also attended the official lunch held in a marquee after the ride, the Cornet commenting: “I’ve got to know the Jed lads well over the past few weeks so I went to the luncheon, where the speeches and meal were excellent.”

The Cornet says he also thoroughly enjoyed the ball at night, adding: “It was one of the better balls I’ve been to.”

Acting Father Nichol he also enjoyed the celebrations led by Jethart Callant Ryan Miller, stating: “It was a really good day and a nice change, I especially enjoyed being at Ferniehurst Castle. The lunch afterwards was excellent too, and we were treated so well.”

The Acting Father has also paid tribute to the Cornet, explaining: “Michael is doing brilliantly in his attendance at other town’s events, he is making sure he gets to rides through the week as well as the main days at weekends, and is doing a great job.”

And despite nearly a 28-hour day on Friday, from getting the horses ready to taking part in Jedburgh’s full proceedings before attending the ball, Grahame commented: “It is quite tiring, but we are having a brilliant time. It is still a great experience.”

And highlighting the ever-present Teries at every town’s celebrations, added: “Hats off to the Hawick folk who support every Common-Riding so well.”