Controlled parking call from locals following havoc at Havelock St

BUSY residential areas of the town that are home to car-owners should become licensed parking zones, according to a frustrated driver.

Stephen Halliday insists his neighbours would support the conversion of streets such as Havelock Place into controlled zones if they were guaranteed a parking space near their house.

Currently, Mr Halliday says that he is often forced to park a few streets from his home, while he and his neighbours – including old people with a disability – often run the risk of being issued with tickets for parking illegally because they are forced to stop on double yellow lines.

“Everybody outwith the street I live on is parking in residents’ bays,” explained Mr Halliday. “People are parking on double yellows and old people with disabilities have to park far from their houses.

“There is a lack of parking provision, and my neighbours and I would buy a licence if that guaranteed us a space nearby.”

The problem is understood to have spread to the streets surrounding Havelock Place, and Councillor Alastair Cranston says the issue has also affected the opposite end of the town.

“Not so long ago, there was a similar situation in Longcroft Crescent,” explained Mr Cranston. “Controlled parking could be sensible solution. I’d urge anyone concerned to approach the Hawick News and their local councillors.”