Confusion reigns over boy racers

Confusion arose this week after local councillor Stuart Marshall highlighted concerns that boy racers were using the Screwfix car park as a meeting point before driving around Burnfoot.

But despite both residents and the councillor reporting it, Police Scotland are claiming that no one has contacted them over the issue.

Speaking this week, Councillor Marshall said: “In the past few weeks I have had several complaints regarding a handful of youngsters allegedly racing one another in certain areas of Burnfoot and, in particular, Hamilton Road. The people that are bringing this to my attention are members of the public who are exercising their dogs .

“The Screwfix car park was one of those areas identified as a spot where drivers were congregating at night .

“I know some passers-by have given vehicle descriptions to the police and I, too, have made them aware of the situation.”

When the Hawick News contacted Police Scotland we were told: “We have searched the system and we can find no information about this.”