Concerns voiced over speeding in Hawick’s Liddesdale Road

Liddesdale Road in Hawick.
Liddesdale Road in Hawick.

Speeding drivers are putting the lives of youngsters crossing a busy Hawick road at risk, one of the town’s councillor has warned.

Hawick and Hermitage ward member David Paterson is calling for traffic-calming measures in Liddesdale Road to prevent an “accident waiting to happen”.

He is planning talks with the police with a view to the possible introduction of a traffic island, amid concerns that motorists are flouting the 30mph speed limit on the recently-resurfaced road.

His fears are heightened because of the number of families with young children moving into new homes built as part of the regeneration of Stonefield.

Mr Paterson has also raised concerns at so-called boy-racers causing havoc in Walter’s Wynd.

Mr Paterson, Scottish Borders Council’s executive member for environmental services, said: “I was driving along Liddesdale Road this week, and I saw for myself what is happening, even during the day. I was travelling at 30mph and cars were passing me as if I was standing still. I would say they were going at 50mph.

“There are young families coming in there, and I’m feared that someone could be knocked over. That’s my biggest concern.

“Since the road was tarred the drivers are really putting their feet down and opening up on it. They’re using it like a racetrack, and I have a real worry that someone is going to be killed.”

Mr Paterson has written to the police and council after receiving a letter from a Liddesdale Road resident expressing alarm about speeding.

He said: “I was grateful that the police did go up after the issue was brought up at the Teviot and Liddesdale area forum. The councillors feel that the police standing there with a speed gun was certainly slowing the traffic down for the time that the officer was there.”

Mr Paterson is now seeking a more permanent solution.

He added: “People were asking for either chicanes or speed humps, perhaps a traffic island at a specific location – anything that will slow the traffic down on this road.”

He’s also hoping to get a council officer to visit the road to assess the situation.

“I have also had complaints from constituents with regards to cars speeding down Walter’s Wynd,” he said.

“One constituent was telling me that you are taking your life in your hands if you walk down this street. It seems to be a problem with boy-racers, especially over the weekend.”