Community council gets back to business

The new Southdean Community Council members.
The new Southdean Community Council members.

Southdean Community Council has been revived and is back in business.

Its new members met at Southdean Hall in Chesters on Wednesday evening for the first time.

Hawick and Denholm councillor Watson McAteer took charge of business until the formal appointment of a chairman.

That role went to the Philip Kerr, a returning member of the community council.

The position of vice-chairman was given to Craig McAdam, another previous community council member, and Stephen Fotheringham, returning for a seventh term on the committee, was elected as treasurer.

The council failed to appoint a secretary on the night but will do so at a later date.

Mr McAteer, returning officer for the election of the councillors, thanked its nine members for putting themselves forward, saying: “Thanks to everybody for standing. To get nine members for the community council is fantastic.

“It’s a great turnout. Never has this been so easy.

“This was a seamless and effective way of going about business and it’s really great that everybody is here.”

The community council’s nine members are – besides Messrs Fotheringham, McAdam and Kerr – Martyn Harrison, Geoff Phelps, David Skinner, Hugh Roberts, Anita Wilson and Caroline Smith.

The council are still looking for a suitable candidate to fill its one remaining vacancy.

Its next meeting will be held at Southdean Hall on Wednesday, February 22, starting at 7.30pm.