Common-Riding 2014 is a website hot topic

THE Common-Riding's quincentenary celebrations are currently dominating the guestbook section of the popular Hawick News website.

The guestbook continues to be just one of the website's favourite sections with Teries, exiles and people from all over the world, and has recently featured an angry debate between supporters and critics of the Grey Auld Toon.

And although that debate still rages on, another hot topic is Hawick Common-Riding and the 500 year celebrations of 2014.

In defence of the town, Rob Hill from Hawick wrote at the end of February: "I've read a lot about this guestbook in The Hawick News and thought it would be good to view. Passionate debate about the town is healthy, reverting to slagging each other off to score cheap points isn't. Its obvious the town needs help in certain areas, but the good totally outweighs the bad.

He added: "My father has had a horrendous time over the last couple of months due to a major flood at his home, and he is 86, but the kind hearted nature of a lot of people helped through."

This was backed by D from Hawick, who opened the discussion on the Common-Riding, stating: "2014 is going to be a huge year for Hawick and it's not too far away. Every year, the Common-Riding gets better and better in my opinion. What would an exile want from this special event? They should pass any thoughts on to the good people of Hawick or event organisers through this page."

Ryan writing from Hawick then wrote: "Finally people with sensible comments. Why cant it be like this all the time, and yes can't wait for 2014, its going to be a tremendous occassion and yin not ti be missed. World wide publicity maybe? Lets hope sei eh."

Rob Hill from Hawick replied: "Well Ryan I think world wide status is not too far from the truth. I haven't a clue what can be done in 2014, but 1914 left a lasting legacy that is synonymous with the town. I dont envy the people who have to top that, but you can guarantee one thing, it will be."

Jock C writing from Hawick added: "Same, 2014 is gonna be a huge worldwide event. Think the ball is well and truly rolling as to improvements in the town. What an honour for any young lad to aim for, Cornet in six years time. The event is bound to attract thousands of exiles and tourists."

Jim writing from Hayik then wrote: "Just want to say what a great website this is, and yes Hawick has always been, and still i,s the Queen o' aw the Borders. END OF!"

Regular contributor Audrey from South Carolina, USA, added: "Will be there for the Common Riding in 2014. Just had our first grandson two weeks ago so he will be at a good age to come, and go back to his school with great memories. One suggestion will be plenty of sunshine!"

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