Common Good row rumbles on

With regards to the letters in last week’s Hawick News from the Tories and the Lib Dems, attacking me for opposing the idea to move the library to Teviotdale Leisure Centre and to sell the library building.

This idea was first mooted at St Boswells at a private meeting at which I mentioned that I was having none of that – it was gifted to the town by Andrew Carnegie to be used as a free library.

At the same meeting one of Hawick’s portfolio holders mentioned they could possibly build an extension to TLC with the capital receipts from the sale of the library.

The reason I attacked my fellow councillors was quite simple. It is all very well getting on their high horses in their regular newspaper columns about the Common Good Fund investment strategies being lumped into a single entity and how this could be bad for Hawick, but why didn’t the other five Hawick Councillors back me and vote with me when I said that in the report it mentions “risk” to the Common Good Fund investments? Why weren’t we given other options to compare?

Hopefully when we have the next informal briefing on April 19 about the Common Good Fund investment strategies, my fellow Hawick councillors will have a change of heart.

I think that Councillors Houston and Elliot should stand back and compare their records of attendance and working for the people they represent. What was the point in me going ahead with the meeting when the only other councillor who said they could make it would only be there for 30 minutes?

Councillor Elliot is quite correct when stating I have been on the Hawick Common Good Fund for over 20 years and in that time I have gained the Fund thousands of pounds. Did they not fully understand what I was saying? Education is that which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding.


Heartfelt and sincerest congratulations to Hawick Royal Albert on their away win at Ormiston on Saturday. It was great to see the Royalists gain their first win in a long time. (How dare your results pundit suggest a draw in last week’s prediction!)

Coupled with the recent performance against Leith, can we at last look forward to a resurgence in HRA’s fortunes? If anything, the last two displays certainly auger well for the future.

It would also be great to see the emergence of local talent in the ranks at Albert Park over the coming close season. I am sure that talent is there. It is also good to hear there appears to be a much better relationship building between the various Hawick teams.

A healthy Royal Albert could also help create the platform for the local amateur sides to again make their mark in their respective leagues, with visiting teams coming to Albert Park and Wilton Lodge Park with much more trepidation.


THROUGH your columns I would like to announce that the forthcoming colours parade on July 2 in Edinburgh will be an all-ticket affair. And rather than explain all the complicated arrangement details in a separate article in your paper, I would be most grateful if you could announce that there will be an extraordinary meeting at Hawick Ex-Servicemen’s Club on Monday at 7.30pm.

Anyone who has previously contacted me to book a seat on the bus should attend the meeting or contact me on 07917 172820 if you can’t make it as your seat is not reserved until you do so.


Secretary, KOSB Association

(Hawick branch)

AS centenary president of Hawick Amateur Operatic Society it has been an honour to be part of the outstandingly successful production of Beauty and the Beast. And on behalf of the society I would like to thank the public, patrons and sponsors for their very generous support, not only during the week of the show but during our 2010 summer fund-raising concert season.

Thanks also go to the high school art department for decorating the stairway and hundreds of primary school pupils who entered the poster competition, making a wonderful display for the public.

Work still continues with our celebrations towards our centenary ball and our two-night centenary concert on September 16-17. We start rehearsing on Monday, April 18, for the concert at the Border Club and would like to invite any past members who would like to sing with us to come along. To conclude our centenary year an exhibition of our history can be seen in the museum from October.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone who supported us and we hope you’ll look forward to our 2012 production of 42nd Street.


Residents and staff at Abbeyfield would like to say a big thank you to Sainsbury’s for its regular kind donations of flowers. It really cheers everyone up. Special thanks to Kevin McDougal, fresh foods manager.