Comments over closure of racecourse beggar belief

HAVING just read last week’s story on the closure of the racecourse at the Moor on Common-Riding Friday, I feel I must respond by supporting [master of ceremonies] John Hope’s actions.

It beggars belief that Lindsay Nichol actually thinks that in this day and age, with health and safety to the fore of every organisation, that the decision to abandon the gallop round was a harsh one.

I was at the rails when the rider in question and several others were displaced from their mounts, and I witnessed an anbulance on the course and first aid personnel from, I think, the Red Cross – all of whom were professional in assisting the motionless rider.

Had Mr Nichol been in charge, would he have let the horses continue galloping round, just because they paid a lot of money for the pleasure? I certainly don’t think his views are representative of the hundreds of other riders on the day – all of whom, I’m sure, would only be concerned about the condition of the poor chap lying on the course.

From your article, Mr Hope has acted on the advice of the marshals, who were in close contact with situation, and therefore, I suppose, we can only be thankful that they have such good communications in place, and we can all feel a little bit safer that Mr Nichol isn’t one of the decision-makers at our Common-Riding.


IF, LIKE me, after a hard week of early-morning starts, long shifts and now going home in the dark, you hear yourself say: “Thank God it’s Friday,” for a couple of days of rest to recharge your batteries, to start all over again come Monday morning.

I know it may seem “sad” that on a Friday my highlight is a bacon roll for break and a read at the Hawick News (with its great sports coverage, a bit of banter on the letters page and all the usual articles to interest us Teries), but equally as “sad” are the headlines over the last three weeks.

I know Hawick is no worse than any other town in the country, but doesn’t it make depressing reading to think of this small minority of antisocial scumbags loitering on our streets and tarnishing our name?

You only have to look at the situations vacant column to see there isn’t the same amount of work there use to be, but, in my opinion, if you want to work, you’ll find work. But why should they? We’re paying enough in income tax to subsidize all the idle so and so’s, who are quite happy to claim all the benefits going. But some are not satisfied with that, they want more, and turn to crime to fund their habits.

Is there no shame these days? Surely the long-term unemployed feel worthless in our society as it is, without also having to live with a guilty conscience for their crimes.


WITH regards to last week’s letter from Councillor Jim Brown in which he said it was the Conservative/Liberal/Independent administration at Scottish Borders Council which chose to freeze Council Tax. He went on to finish off by stating that “freezing Council Tax was one of the few simple ways that central government could directly help the finanaces of all households”.

Was it SBC or central government which decided to freeze Council Tax, Mr Brown?


IT was really good for Hawick to have Matt Baker arriving on his rickshaw for Children in Need, and great to see all the people out to support him on Friday night.

But the question I would like to ask is where was everybody on Saturday at 6am to see him off on the next part of his challenge? I was there and felt really embarrassed as there were only five Hawick people, including myself, at the Hub.

Personally, I think there should have been an official person from Hawick there to wish him all the best.


MAY I, through your newspaper, thank everyone who made such a success of our fund-raising efforts at the Volunteer on Saturday, including the many local businesses and individuals who donated prizes for our raffle in aid of Callum Murray. The current total is £1,600 for a very deserving cause. Thanks also to Moira and Pam for preparing the buffet, Tanya and Tash for selling raffle tickets, my hard-working committee, Preston Lodge RFC, and all those who attended.


Linden RFC president