Comment period extended

Scottish Borders Council
has agreed to extend the deadline for comments on plans for a mobile phone mast in Denholm.

The local authority acceded to the request from
Denholm Community Council, whose secretary Will Roberts said members were concerned they hadn’t been given enough time to gauge local opinion.

Mr Roberts also claimed the proposal from the Harlequin Group for a 15m-high mast on land south of Deveron
Cottage in The Loaning hadn’t been seen by many community council members before last month’s meeting on April 20. And with comments due to close on May 18, the date of this month’s meeting, he appealed for the deadline to be extended to May 25.

Mr Roberts added: “We are very keen that the mast should go ahead in order to boost mobile service in the area, but are conscious of the need for public consultation.

“We will be assessing the questions that need to be answered, and we will try to get SBC and the Harlequin people to come and answer them. The issue will be on the agenda of Wednesday’s community council meeting.”

Local resident Bill Hislop, of The Loaning, said he knew of several householders who were concerned about the mast bid, and added: “We’re all for mobile phone services to be improved, but not where the mast is going to be situated at the moment.”

A council spokesperson said: “An extension of a week will be provided to the community council.”

Mr Roberts welcomed the extension and said the CC looked forward to giving the council a constructive response to the application, which properly reflected the views of local residents.

The Hawick Flood Protection Scheme will also be on Wednesday’s CC agenda.